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As a holistic health coach, I meet you where you are in your health journey and help take you to where you want to be. This is a supporting role as I would not tell you what to do, but guide you along to make healthy choices. It is a less stressful approach to discovering what is going on in the whole body, not just focusing on one thing like so many practitioners do. I look at your physical and emotional health and discuss the benefits of things like whole food plans and fun ways of safe movement for your body. Another way I would help is to address past traumas as those can be stored in the body causing dis-ease (disease). I’d love to talk more about my passion in helping others. You can contact me at

Pastor Staci Thommes, MS Ed, BCHHC, LEHP

Discovering Health

Optimal health comes in many different forms: eating the right kinds of whole foods, safe movement for your body, good sleep habits, individuality of healing trauma, the importance of spirituality, understanding stress perception, and having FUN!

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My health journey may be like many of yours. It began in my childhood with “stomachaches” (anxiety). I was driven for excellence (perfectionist). I wanted to prove I was capable and able to perform at the highest level at whatever I was doing. These behaviors and family circumstances eventually led to an unhealthy lifestyle. I didn’t know much about eating right (except for fad diets) and exercise was more for how it made me look. After having children, a husband who traveled for work, going back to finish a couple of college degrees, I was burning the candle at both ends and then some. My body began to suffer and many different ailments took over. Over the years the doctors said it was all in my head (hypochondria). I began researching the relationship of the gut and brain and realized there was so much more to the story. After removing glutenous foods in 2014, I began to feel better, lost some of the stubborn weight, but still struggled with fatigue and anxiety. Then in August 2019, I was diagnosed with a brain abscess the size of a golf ball. The treatment was surgery to drain and rinse the area, steroids for a few weeks, and IV antibiotics for three months. My health journey received a curve ball with seizures since. I am now working on changing my food plan to help with controlling the seizures along with prescription medication. The key to all of this is my faith has never wavered as my foundation is in Christ. As someone who has gone through so much, I would like the opportunity to help you!

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I am not a licensed practitioner, physician, dietician, nutritionist, nurse, or medical professional. In the course of our relationship, I will offer no medical treatments, diagnoses, or counseling. If you have a medical condition of any kind, you must maintain treatment as prescribed by your physician regardless of my recommendations or advice, or any use of recommended online guides, supplementations, websites, or products. In the case of medical diagnoses, it is vital to work with your physician to determine the best course of action and to never replace one treatment for another that goes against your physician’s advice.

None of the recommendations, suggestions, or written information provided are intended to replace medical advice of any kind. Wellness counseling is not a prescriptive service. All consultations written or otherwise should be considered as purely informational and carried out at the individual’s own risk. The information presented is never intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Full medical clearance from a licensed physician should be obtained before beginning or modifying any diet, exercise, or lifestyle program and physicians should be informed of all food changes. This is the responsibility of the client.

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